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Dark Elf: Mage to Wizard Change Job Quest Rohan Online

First Quest: The disenchantment of a Mage.
Exp: 5.00% (for level 50)
Starting NPC:  Weiren Armant
Starting Point: Montt

You can find Weiren Armant inside Montt's Royal Palace.

For the Wooden Sticks of Ancient Wizard, you can find them at the center of E-4, Eibach town.
These are level 1 mobs.
Nearest port is at Dwarf Hill.

Report back to Weiren Armant.
Talk to Emilita Lyonan.

Second Quest: The Queen’s Book
Exp: 5.00%
Starting NPC: Emilita Lyonan
Starting Point: Montt

Emilita Lyonan <First Queen of Montt>, Montt City, H-8
Membrano Royal Villa, Ignis (Montt Map) E-8
Just open the boxes. I think there are three of them here.
Deliver to Emilita Lyonan

Third Quest: In the Realm of Fear
Exp: 5.00%
Starting Npc; Emilita Lyonan
Starting Point: Montt

Kill Kruggerands in Entagled Ruins. Aevraury (GH) corner of i-4 and i-5
Nearest portal is Orc Fortress.
Deliver to Emilita Lyonan

Fourth Quest: Flame of Flox
Exp: 5.00%
Starting NPC: Emilita Lyonan
Starting Point: Montt

Go to Dharvegawan Map.
There you can find those boxes around G6 and H6 near the volcano.
Nearest Port is at Enraged Netherworld.

Deliver to Emilita Lyonan
Report to Weiren Armant

Fifth Quest: The Sense of Serverance
Exp: 5.00%
Starting NPC: Weiren Armant
Starting Point: Montt

Talk to Andelique <Prophet of Flox>, Ignis Map, G-2
Nearest port is at Last Warzone.

Collect Red Blazing Lizards Eyes.
Monsters are at Eibach between I4 and I5 (go all the way east)
Nearest port is at Dwarf Hill.

Deliver to Andelique.
Talk to George Lyonan <King of Ignis>, Montt Royal Palace


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